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Pelosi says ‘repeal Citizens United’

Nancy Pelosi is on Jimmy Fallon Show right now saying that we need to control campaign finance by repealing Citizens United, the case which claims that corporations are people and that to limit their spending on policy would be like … Continue reading

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U.S. State Department and McFaul Support Jailed Rock Band

The United States is concerned about both the verdict and the disproportionate sentences handed down by a Moscow court in the case against the members of the band Pussy Riot and the negative impact on freedom of expression in Russia. … Continue reading

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The official campaign headquarters for Mark Weiss for Palo Alto City Council

  For “Weiss Platform in 70 words” and/ or down-load as flyer click here: For text only version of platform click here To navigate the other 40 or so posts here about Mark Weiss and his views on the election and … Continue reading

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Pity party

(I am not implying an endorsement by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, only that I find his work an inspiration. I found a post card with these verses. The link above has it in his own voice) “PITY THE NATION” (After Khalil Gibran) … Continue reading

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Let’s keep the post office by enforcing public use zoning

Council deliberated recently about a federal push to sell off public assets in the form of post office buildings, including our Birge Clark designed landmark on Hamilton. I say hold the line by enforcing public use zoning, effectively thwarting the … Continue reading

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The Robert Reichs

(Try to play both videos simultaneously) (I wrote 600 words about this at “Plastic Alto” the blog) edit to add, Thursday the 16th: there is also a Rob Reich at Stanford, teaching poli sci; Stanford’s Reich went to Yale while the accordion … Continue reading

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Does your flivver quiver?

“Flivver” is an archaic term for a car. Leland Levy is a former mayor who still carries a lot of water here, through Friends of Lytton Plaza, Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission and more. He is also, I have mentioned a … Continue reading

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