1.  Commercial real estate developers have too much say and sway;  leadership –council, commissioners and staff – should listen to RESIDENTS first;

2.  Planned Community (PC) zoning is the most concentrated form of abuse of the system in recent years and should be amended, enforced or outlawed;

3.  The 27 University project, “Arrillaga Office Towers” should be vigorously opposed by residentialists, as part of taking the town back from these powerful, oligarchical special interests.


New Residentialist Platform (NRP) started when I suggested to a friend that his group of home-owners clustered around the 100 block of Bryant get in touch with a group near 800 Cowper to look for over-lapping interests beyond their respective issues and their mutual frustration at not being heard initially by Council and staff.

I am running more to generate and moderate such a list of concerns / suggestions than to foist one that is pre-written. I see myself as a catalyst for ideas, as a facilitator and communicator, more than a leader per se. Part semi-conductor, part song-catcher, if you will.

I graduated from Gunn High (1982) and Dartmouth College (1986) and have experience as journalist, ad and pr writer, concert promoter and artist manager. I’m a life-long learner and get cues and inspiration from the arts, and from science and data.

Our Council needs a diversity of voices, and methodologies. Vote for Mark Weiss to get the needs of residents better reflected in local self-governance. I will listen to you and stay independent from powerful special interests. I will update the platform at a blog titled “Svayambh-PA: or, New Residentialist Platform (NRP)”.


4 Responses to VOTE FOR MARK WEISS FOR PALO ALTO CITY COUNCIL on November 6, 2012

  1. ceci kettendorf says:

    Mark, I will take a sign for my yard, if you have them. Glad you are running. Go, Gunn!

    • markweiss86 says:

      Thanks, Ceci. It’s true that organizing a Gunn Alumni basketball reunion in 2006 helped get me focused again on local affairs and community engagement. So watching your sons Niel and Gus Brennan actually inspired me!

      Which begs the question: who is the tallest person ever to serve on Palo Alto City Council? (It wouldn’t be me, even if elected; I am barely 6-feet, a guard. The best former Paly or Gunn basketball player in politics is of course U.S Senator Ron Wyden, former Paly star,although I am now out of bounds).

  2. ceci kettendorf says:

    I have been exasperated by the nonstop building of housing in Palo Alto, with little focus paid to the need for additional schools to serve the children who NOW swell the ranks of the young. City planners are expected to plan for schools, but there is little vision towards that end in Palo Alto. Many school sites were sold under Joe Simitian, who never anticipated, apparently, that the baby boomers would some day have babies and there would be a need for those many schools which were sold off. Soon, we will see a school enrollment in Palo Alto equal to or greater than that of the baby boom. However, the neighborhood schools of the fifties are gone. Now we have crowded campuses with permanent portables on land that was designed for playground space, both at the elementary and middle school level. (I refer you to the master plan for our schools, developed in the fifties.) Children can no longer walk to their neighborhood school; the schools are crowded; there is little playgroud space. Building for Excellence was a Bandaid. Yet, there is no talk of setting aside the little land left for at least one elementary school. The land in the industrial park at the end of East Meadow is a logical site, but I promise you, when the dust clears, there will be housing there. Ask the consultants who the city brings in to placate the public whenever the issue of developing that East Meadow circle arises. I do realize that the school district is a separate legal and political entity from the city. I STILL say, city planners have an ethical duty to plan for schools. I am glad my children made it through before the crowding worsened. Mark, take up this cause…..

  3. markweiss86 says:

    Hi, Ceci. Thanks for your thoughts. Your passion for the community is obvious. My family or I should say my parents moved here in 1974 specifically for the schools. PAUSD is a fantastic phenomenon of public education. Your views are consistent with my stance that we need a Residentialist push-back against the trends towards letting Downtown and Commercial Real Estate interests have too much say and sway about what is Palo Alto. The people who are trying to cash in on the high tech boom by building more office space need to be told their limits, and so far, from what I’ve seen over the last four years watching policy more closely, neither commissioners, council nor staff seem willing to do that. The people and schools are what make Palo Alto great; the tech imprimatur is secondary.

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